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Instantly Stop Nose Based Snoring With The Better Sleep Solution

No more restless nights, sleeping on the couch or feeling embarrassed over of your snoring problem.

Buy The Better Sleep Snoring Solution For Only $34.99 With Free Shipping!

What Our Customers Are Saying:

I am very pleased with the Better Sleep Snore Solution.  I find it 100% effective in controlling my snoring and, for me, it is far more comfortable than the devices which rely on moving your lower jaw forward.  Well done to the designer.

Lesley Allen

My wife started snoring a couple of years ago and seemed its getting worse every day. We have tried different products and finally decided on getting the nasal dilators. She mentioned it felt a bit weird at first, but it definitely helps reducing her snoring due to more airflow. Very impressed with the product, and also with the after sales service from Jan.

Nestus- Port Elizabeth

Very impressed with the result. I no longer have bad days :) Found further use for the nasel dialator.. I use it whilst training,

 I am now able to breath freely through my nose and no longer have to grasp for air.. Great product.. Thank you!!!


I have allergies and some nights have a difficult time sleeping due feeling nasally. Using these nasal dilators has made breathing so much easier and in return, much better sleep. I don't have to use them every night but when I need relief, it's nice to know I have them available. Very pleased!


The Chin Strap and nasal dilators combination sorted my snoring out on the first night. 

 I can finally breathe freely through my nose at night.

Thanks Better Sleep!


How Do We Treat Nose Based Snoring?

Breathing through your nose is optimal for sleep.

 If you suffer from allergies, stuffy nose or a deviated Septum that prohibits proper nasal breathing, then that can be a cause for snoring, because now, you are forced to breath through your mouth, or through your partially blocked airway.

That's what causes your snoring. If you are forced to breath through your mouth at night, it impairs your nasal breathing and forces air to go through your throat and over the tongue and soft palate, causing tissues to vibrate and produce snoring.

Mouth breathing can also cause a lack of oxygen to the brain and result in sleep apnea.

The Better Sleep Snoring Solution comes with 2 products that are scientifically proven to work for nose based snoring. With this snore kit, you'll be sure to eliminate your annoying snoring problem once and for all.

What You Get With The BSSS

Better Sleep Nasal Dilators
($23 Value)

Made from soft, medical grade silicone, our Nasal dilators opens up your nostrils at night to promote better nasal breathing when you have allergies, stuffy nose or a deviated septum.

 If you are a nose based snorer then these comfortable nose vents will be a lifesaver at night. They work especially well when combined with our chin strap.

Many people also use them for working out, playing sports, athletics or cycling, because they allow for much better nasal airflow. Better nasal airflow means more oxygen to the brain and that means better performance.

Better Sleep Chin Strap
($21 Value)

If you snore because your mouth falls open at night, preventing you from breathing through your nose, the Better Sleep Chin Strap will quickly take care of the problem.

It works by gently supporting the lower jaw at night and preventing the mouth from falling open and encourages nasal breathing. It works even better when combined with the Nasal Dilators.

Our chin strap also eliminates snoring by holding the jaw forward at night, preventing it from falling back and blocking the airway.

Made from advanced neoprene, similar to wet suit material, the Better Sleep Chin Strap is very comfortable to wear and stays cool during the night.

Use together with the nasal dilators for maximum protection. 

Don't Hesitate, Stop Nose Based Snoring The Easy Way With The Better Sleep Snore Solution!

The BSSS is covered by our no questions asked 30 day money back guarantee.

Hurry and get yours, while stock last!

Free Shipping within the USA!


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