Better Sleep Stop Snoring Nasal Dilators and Chin Strap Bundle

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  • Improved Nasal Breathing – Opens up your nostrils and keeps your mouth closed
  • Prevents Mouth from falling open – The chin strap gently supports the lower jaw to keep the mouth from falling open at night.
  • Stop Snoring – Impaired nasal breathing is one of the most common causes of snoring. The Better Sleep Bundle improves nasal breathing and eliminates snoring.
  • Helps With Stuffy Nose, Allergies, Deviated Septum

Bundle Contains:

1 x Better Sleep Anti-Snore Nasal Dilators (4 sizes)

1 x Better Sleep Chin Strap


If you are snoring because of impaired nasal breathing, then our bundle is what you need.

Better Sleep Nasal Dilators

Made from soft medical grade silicone and they expand your nostrils at night to allow for maximum airflow through your nose.

The dilators come in 4 sizes to ensure you’ll find a perfect fit.

Better Sleep Chin Strap

Prevents your mouth from falling open at night. When your mouth is closed and your nostrils wide open, your nasal breathing will be much better and the snoring should stop.

The chin strap is made from advanced neoprene material (similar to wetsuit) and is very comfortable to wear.

You won’t get too hot or sweaty when wearing it at night.

Covered by our Better Sleep 30 day money back guarantee.

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7 reviews for Better Sleep Stop Snoring Nasal Dilators and Chin Strap Bundle

  1. Rose

    I can breathe!
    I suffer from stuffiness and it keeps me awake at night. Since using your Nasal dilators my nasal passages are wide open and I am sleeping like a baby again. Thanks!

  2. Nestus

    My wife started snoring a couple of years ago and seemed its getting worse every day. We have tried different products and finally decided on getting the nasal dilators. She mentioned it felt a bit weird at first, but it definitely helps reducing her snoring due to more airflow. Very impressed with the product, and also with the after sales service from Jan.

  3. Terry

    Very impressed with the result. I no longer have bad days 🙂 Found further use for the nasel dialator.. I use it whilst training, I am now able to breath freely through my nose and no longer have to grasp for air.. Great product.. Thank you!!!

  4. Talisha

    Really better sleep!
    I originally purchased these for my husband who has a nasally type of snore. After much convincing he agreed to use them which really worked! But recently I just got over a horrible sinus cold which left my nose stuffy and unable to breathe, especially at night, so I thought I would try one of the smaller nasal dilators to see if it could help open my sinuses up at night to alleviate my blocked nose. It was amazing that these were able to give my stuffy, blocked nose such relief, especially while lying down! For 5 days I really battled with this flu but it was such a relief that at night I was able to breathe…. literally with ease.

  5. Rose K.

    Relief and “Better Sleep”
    I have allergies and some nights have a difficult time sleeping due feeling nasally. Using these nasal dilators has made breathing so much easier and in return, much better sleep. I don’t have to use them every night but when I need relief, it’s nice to know I have them available. Very pleased!

  6. Anonymous (verified owner)

  7. Jen R

    Thank you this is the only thing that has helped my husbands snoring . He still snores a tiny bit but only one or two snores but not on and on and on like before . Best thing I’ve found so far !

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